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Voice, data, video and wireless technologies are rapidly coming together in today’s converged communications marketplace. As more and more organizations become part of the dynamic communications network they quickly realize that standardization, planning and continual improvement are key requirements to ensure functionality, interoperability and reliability.

Improving Safety and Reliability

Management systems such as ISO 9001, TL 9000, and ESD S20.20 are basic requirements for many contracts these days. Additional electronics management systems, including but not limited to ISO 14000 and ISO/IEC 27001, provide further control over people and processes, improving quality, environmental components, safety and other benchmarks. Specific ways these and other systems can help include:

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Benefits of Compliance with applicable standards

The benefits of ISO 9001 as a telecom or electronics quality management system are well-recognized. With it, your organization will enhance risk management and gain proven business credentials that can help streamline the move into international markets or different industry verticals.

TL 9000 takes ISO 9001 a step or two further by identifying specific requirements for suppliers to the communications market, and by calling out specific performance measurements. Properly implemented, it can help telecom businesses refine their quality management standards in an industry-specific context, improving the integrity and reliability of products and enhancing stakeholder satisfaction.

TL 9000 is a two-part telecommunications management system that establishes requirements and measurements both across and within specific product categories. Use TL 9000 to improve on the framework set out by ISO 9001 and to create more effective management protocols that are tailored to the demands of your industry.

In the electronics and telecom industries, protecting your intellectual property is critical, and strong, reliable information security systems are essential for managing risk. ISO/IEC 27001 is the international standard for information security management.

With it, you can put in place effective controls and more robust security protocols that both reduce the risk of a breach and give you tools for quickly responding when one occurs. As a result, ISO/IEC 27001 will help ensure business continuity and compliance with relevant privacy regulations, improve relationships with stakeholders and effectively secure upper management participation in high-level security decisions.

Sustainability is an important concern for electronics and telecommunications manufacturers working with a global supply chain. Taking steps to run a more forward-thinking, environmentally responsible operation is essential for both establishing your reputation as an industry leader and for running a leaner and more efficient business.

To help you achieve this, ISO 14001 standards outline requirements for an effective environmental management system. When sustainability becomes ingrained at the level of an organization’s culture, scaling upwards is easy, ensuring environmental management doesn’t hinder growth.