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Get Certified

Management systems are important tools for supporting competitive organizations that must adhere to legal and tender requirements for production, services, and business activities. 

Why Getting Certified

The adoption of standards and certification provides a solid framework for organisations to optimise business performance and drive continual improvement.

Why Certify

Drive continual improvement and realize increased ROI and profit

  • Optimize risk opportunities instead of reacting for compliance
  • Recognise and remove avoidable cost

  • Run up-to-date quality programmes and ensure pro-active compliance

Bolster your competitive edge

Drive continual improvement and realize increased ROI and profit

  • Elevate trust in your brand by certifying to best practice standards

  • Deliver an agile risk thinking business that out-performs competitors
  • Differentiate from the competition through certification

Achieve consistency and transparency

Simplify the complex and gain greater insights about your business DNA

  • Build a culture of improvement and heightened comittment to delivery

  • Confidently meet the ever-demanding regulatory, legal and customer requirements

  • Build transparency inside your business operations supporting best practice

Your Path to Certification

Certification is not just an event. It’s a process of audits and monitoring that verify compliance. WECERT’s aim is to make that process as simple and transparent as possible.


Listening to and incorporating your feedback is essential to creating the best possible customer experience.


Compliant & Appeal

WECERT does its best for collecting feedback on what its clients think about its services via a customer satisfaction survey. Clients are automatically invited to complete the survey by e-mail, but you can also access the survey via our website.

Addressing all complaints thoroughly and promptly is a priority in WECERT. You can submit complaints directly to WECERT Certification via an easy-to-use online form or by e-mail. We have a special process for handling complaints & appeals.

online Certificate Validation System

if you want to assure the validity of a certificate, you can easily check its validity through our Cert Validator System

As a company or individual, you can have your certifications deposited in our certificate database. In doing so, you receive a personal WECERT validity page that presents your certifications and provides independent proof to the public.