Our Auditors

WECERT is able to offer clients the same high level of quality worldwide, thanks to our experienced auditors and centralized support and training programs.
Most companies do not seek certification simply to obtain a certificate. Instead, they are looking for added value insight in their audit report in the form of identification of non-conformities. This in turn enables them to identify tangible improvements to their business.
We help you to get this information thanks to our worldwide network of highly experienced auditors. Based close to our client sites, they cover a wide range of standards. Our auditors have the necessary understanding of your industry and your local context to highlight relevant non-conformities, setting you on the path to continuous improvement.


75% of our auditors are Lead Auditors, reflecting their long experience and seniority


We go beyond the requirements of accreditation bodies by providing annual auditor training


all our employees and contractors commit to providing independent, unbiased conclusions


We have established processes for ensuring that Certification clients worldwide receive the same high quality of service. All auditors trained by WECERT follow the same curriculum: we also recognize qualifications by other premium certification bodies. Every year, we provide auditor training around the world to bring auditors up to date on standards and best practices, using course material developed both centrally and locally. Our aim is to ensure our auditors are continually up-to-date and supported in their role to deliver consistent quality worldwide.


We offers real strength in project management – a major advantage for large clients aiming to certify multiple sites around the world. We set up our project team to mirror our clients’ organization. A specialist project manager, responsible for project delivery, interfaces with the client project manager, for example the global Quality Manager. Meanwhile our Large Contracts Hub or local audit teams liaise with local site managers to set up audits. Our aim is to ensure your audit program runs to plan, irrespective of the size or complexity of your organization.

Auditors Database

Leverage our Auditors Database on the website to seamlessly verify the approval of auditors’ qualifications and assess their technical competency, ensuring a thorough and reliable validation process.