Cybersecurity Testing

Minimize the risk of a cyber incident by employing systematic testing services, including ethical hacking, to identify and help prioritize and mitigate cyber security gaps in your people, processes and technologies.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing encompasses a variety of tests. Experts aim to identify as many cybersecurity weaknesses as possible in a system and/or exploit vulnerabilities fully to understand the depth as well as breadth of the risk.
Data is the currency of our age, and protecting it is vital. For companies, it is also often compulsory and subject to stringent regulation. Risks to businesses’ cybersecurity occur through weaknesses in the access layers of applications that contain business logic and security functions. It is thus necessary to assess security measures and test their effectiveness.

Our methodology for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing uses tooling and phases, including reconnaissance, threat assessment, vulnerability assessment and vulnerability scanning. With these methods and tools, we obtain a complete and accurate report on businesses’ security levels, including extensive risk analysis and strategic, tactical and operational recommendations.

Key Benefits


Identify as many potential weaknesses in your firm’s system as possible to take corrective action and achieve maximum cybersecurity

Gain a clear Understanding

Gain a clear understanding of the extent and seriousness of potential threats, along with the consequences for all stakeholders


Empower your company to boost security through actions based on thorough reporting from expert consultants and recommendations tailored to your needs

Knowledge to build a powerful force of defence

Our team of cyber experts identifies weaknesses in OT and IT systems and networks via ethical hacking (penetration testing), using the same tools and techniques employed by malicious hackers to test the integrity and security levels of networks.


Crystal, gray and black box security tests differ in the amount of information consultants have in advance. In crystal box tests, they have prior access to all relevant information, while in gray box tests, they have credentials and user documentation. In both cases, they assess how a registered user could abuse the IT environment. With a black box test, consultants have little or no information, making this most similar to an attack by external digital intruders.


During a penetration test, consultants look for cybersecurity weak spots and attempt to exploit them in order to demonstrate the seriousness and consequences of a certain issue.

Product evaluations

Gain knowledge of your compliance status, or what you need to do to achieve compliance with relevant standards, regulation and/or requirements, such as IEC 62443, ISO 27001/27002/27031, or the NIST 800-series.

Cyber security incident preparedness

Prepare your organization to tackle incidents before they occur through proactive planning, training and testing of cyber security incident management processes.