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Customized Audit

WECERT can help you to optimize the cost allocation of your QA budget and resources by applying a customized global audit protocol including elements of Management, Environmental, Health and Safety, Technical and Ethical Audits.
The objective of such Customized Audit, other than saving cost and time, is to provide an unbiased global image of your supplier’s organization in all relevant fields, so you will be able to intervene on the risk areas and hence better allot control resources where mostly needed.

Validate the strength of your supply chain through individualized auditing solutions

Globalization has brought a new level of complexity to every supply chain. It is difficult and time consuming to monitor suppliers and plants when they are located all over the world. However, if you don’t have full transparency into their processes, you may be putting the quality and reliability of your end product or service at risk.
In addition to the many assurance solutions Intertek offers, we can create custom audits for your organization. When you outsource your second-party auditing to us, you get more than a findings report. You get a business partner dedicated to helping you ensure stronger, more transparent quality control processes while saving you valuable time and money.

Our second-party supplier verification audits are designed to ensure supplier compliance with your standards, in-house policies and procedures, applicable regulations, internationally recognized standards and best practices. This can be announced and unannounced audits.