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Promoting Your


Communicate your achievements

Obtaining certification by an independent, internationally recognized body like WECERT is a major accomplishment.

Once earned, certification is a powerful marketing tool that sends a clear message to clients and prospects that your company is serious about excellence. Whether you have certified your quality management system or received our seal of approval for the ethical credentials of your supply chain, using our logo and communicating about this major milestone offer you an important competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.   

While the main benefit to attaining certification is the improved efficiency and accountability it brings, it is also a unique selling point and a great way of setting your business apart from the competition. 

Certification is a globally recognized mark of distinction. Demonstrate your commitment to excellence by communicating your achievement to clients and prospects.

The WECERT Certification Mark

The WECERT Certification Mark stands for reliability and trust. Communicating with this internationally recognized logo, which is customized to include the certification you have received, adds value to your brand. It is an instantly recognizable symbol of excellence and commitment to continuous improvement.  


As a WECERT-certified company, you may display your certification marks in all digital and print promotional materials, taking care not to imply that specific products are certified. Logo use guidelines are available here to ensure that your communications are clear and accurate – and that you reap the full promotional and repetitional benefits of certification. 

How can you promote your certification?

Use Consistent, Appropriate Branding

WECERT‘s investment in your success does not end with certification. We can help you devise and implement a communication plan to best promote of your achievement, providing support for everything from crafting press releases to organizing an event to celebrate certificate issuance. 

Some places where you can often apply the logo of an accredited certification body include:

  • Your website

  • Your email signature

  • Your company letterhead

  • Your building’s signage, front lobby and branded vehicles

  • Trade show or convention advertising

Promote Your Certification In The Appropriate Forums

As important as social media is to your broader marketing initiatives, its emphasis on short, impactful content means it is probably not the best place to promote your ISO certification on an ongoing basis. Instead, consider white papers, case studies and other forums where you can go into depth about the benefits it offers your customers.

When you’re sharing the release of these documents across your social media platforms, however, it’s an opportune time to utilize hashtags that note your certification. Even if a reader doesn’t proceed with reading the content right away, they’ll see that hashtag and make the connection that your company is certified. You can tag the accredited certification body too, establishing a relationship with the team monitoring that organization’s accounts.