Our primary aim is to provide confidence in the parties rely on certification. The confidence in our customers’ will always be biggest capital of our company.

We Declare to Provide the Confidence:

  • To remain true ethics values;
  • To be objective all parties;
  • To comply confidentiality rules deeply;
  • To fulfill social responsibilities without compromising independence;
  • To care professional at our actions;
  • To represent giving interested parties a fair deal;
  • To serve activities we are adequate and competent;
  • To avoid professionally unethical behaviors;
  • To behave sensitive to solve the interested parties’ complaints;
  • Do not conduct internal audits of management system of our customers;
  • Do not certify the companies serve certification;
  • Will be clear while following certification operations;
  • To take certification decision by own, and also never transfer taking decision to anyone or any company;
  • Do not carry out sales activities with companies do management system consultancy; and
  • To make our customers try suitable access about audit and certification status;

We Declare we:

  • Will not think own interests when taking decision;
  • Will not take advantage the current interest of our position;
  • Will not do management system consultancy and referring;
  • Will not lean on Committees for Safeguarding Impartiality and Certification;
  • Will not be base financial situation upon only certification actions;
  • Will not be too familiar with or trusting of another person instead of seeking audit evidence at audits;
  • Will not make certification if the relations constitute a threat to impartiality; and
  • Will not apply policy of intimidation for own personnel and suppliers.

Impartial Certification Body

WECERT‘s Management commits himself to comply with the requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17021-1 for the operation of an impartial and independent certification body. We have established the necessary structures for this within the company and its committees.

WECERT acknowledges that a Certification Body (CB) and its staff should make sure that impartiality is implemented and perceived as an essential requirement; this also serves the purpose of ensuring that its certification is accepted with the necessary level of trust at both domestic and international level.

In order to achieve, maintain and enhance the said level of trust, the decisions taken by the WECERT will be based on objective evidence regarding conformity (or non-conformity) obtained during the audit, and the relevant decisions should not be affected by any other stakeholder or parties involved.

In other words, the perception of impartiality is the basic element for the recognition of objectivity in the work done by WECERT which, to this end, is committed to managing conflicts of interest, as well as to guaranteeing objective inspection or certification activities and to behaving impartially, according to the following principles:

Management of conflicts of interest on the part of the Certification Body, its staff, co-workers and committee members by:

Making sure that the work done by the Certification Body is objective through:

Guaranteeing Impartial behavior by:

  • Drafting and keeping constantly updated the document concerning risk analysis, threats to impartiality and any countermeasures adopted;
  • Preparing the appropriate paperwork as regards statements and commitments to confidentiality, independence and safeguarding impartiality;
  • Not rendering consultancy services and/or internal audit services; and
  • Assigning to the Impartiality Safeguard Committee (Governing Board) appropriate powers and tasks to supervise the Certification Body operation, including monitoring financial aspects, with specific reference to impartiality elements;
  • The use of skilled and qualified auditors and technical experts to carry out the work required by certification schemes, with a view to guaranteeing the necessary technical skills;
  • The employment of skilled and qualified internal staff, with a view to guaranteeing the necessary technical skills for the management of certification schemes and granting certification;
  • Expecting our employees and external personnel to act ethically and impartially in the long-term interest of our company and society; and
  • Requiring personnel – internal and external – to reveal any situation known to them that may expose them or our company to conflict of interest. we use this information to identify threats to impartiality raised by the activities of such personnel. We do not use personnel – internal and external – or buy products / services from direct clients, until we can demonstrate that the risks or threats to impartiality are reduced to an acceptable level.
  • Adopting a list of fees for certification services, including any criteria to formulate the economical offers, whose impartial application is subject to monitoring by the Impartiality Safeguard Committee;
  • Ensuring appropriate and timely information as regards the certification process and status of all Operators, with a view to increasing confidence as regards the integrity and credibility of the certification itself;
  • Implementing confidentiality principles, in accordance with the applicable regulations; and
  • Promptly responding to complaints, claims and appeals (including supervision by the Impartiality Safeguard Committee).

Moreover, WECERT is committed to avoiding that any other entities should advertise their own services as making it easier to obtain certification or being in any way related to the certification work done by WECERT; in any case it is also committed to acting promptly with a view to removing any situation of this kind.

in wecert our impartiality obligations are extremely seriously.

If you are a client of WECERT certification or other interested party and feel that we have not maintained our impartiality, please contact us or you can register a complaint online and we will respond promptly.