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ISO 46001

Water Efficiency Management System Certification

ISO 46001 is a standard that outlines the requirements for implementing an effective Water Efficiency Management System. It helps organizations optimize their water usage, reduce wastage, and promote sustainable practices, contributing to a more environmentally responsible approach to water management.

Achieve Water Efficiency through the ‘Reduce, Replace, or Reuse’ Approach

Efficient water management is crucial for sustainable business practices. Water Efficiency Management System (ISO 46001) advocates the ‘Reduce, Replace, or Reuse’ approach to optimize water usage and promote responsible water stewardship.

  • Reduce:

    This strategy focuses on reducing water consumption through the implementation of innovative technologies and efficient processes, enabling businesses to minimize their environmental footprint and achieve significant water savings.

  • Replace:

    The company facilitates the transition to alternative water sources and technologies, helping businesses replace traditional water-intensive practices with more sustainable solutions. Through the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives, organizations can conserve water resources and contribute to a more sustainable future.

  • Reuse:

    This approach emphasizes the importance of reusing water wherever possible. By implementing advanced water treatment and recycling systems, they assist businesses in reusing water for various purposes, thereby reducing overall water demand and promoting a circular water economy.

Establish, Implement, and Maintain Water Efficiency

This International standard guides businesses through the entire process of establishing, implementing, and maintaining water efficiency practices. Their comprehensive approach includes thorough assessment, efficient implementation, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring that water efficiency protocols remain optimized and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

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Benefits of becoming certified

Certification against the Water Efficiency Management System (ISO 46001) standard offers a multitude of advantages for organizations committed to sustainable water management practices. By achieving this prestigious certification, businesses can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 1
    Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Adherence to the ISO 46001 standard encourages the implementation of streamlined water management processes, leading to improved operational efficiency and reduced costs over time.
  • 2
    Mitigated Water-Related Risks: Certification helps organizations proactively identify and mitigate potential water-related risks, ensuring a more resilient operation in the face of water scarcity or other challenges.
  • 3

    Demonstrated Environmental Responsibility: Certification showcases a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, emphasizing the organization’s dedication to responsible water usage and conservation.

  • 4

    Access to New Markets: Certification provides access to new markets and business opportunities, as more clients and partners recognize the importance of sustainable water management practices and prioritize certified businesses.

  • 5

    Cost Savings and Improved Financial Performance: Implementing the ISO 46001 standard often results in significant cost savings through optimized water usage, leading to improved financial performance and a more sustainable bottom line.

By achieving certification against the Water Efficiency Management System and ISO 46001 standard, organizations can not only contribute to a more sustainable future but also position themselves as industry leaders dedicated to responsible water management practices.

Improve Efficiencies

Encourages a more effective use of your resources, in turn reducing amount of claims, returns, reprocesses and rejections – potentially lower levels of regulatory reporting.

Reduced operating costs

Significant financial savings can be achieved through increased energy efficiency.

Customer Trust

Certification instills confidence in customers and stakeholders, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices

Legal Compliance

Understand how statutory and regulatory requirements impact your organization and its customers.

What is ISO 46001 ?

ISO 46001 is an internationally recognized standard that provides a robust framework for implementing a Water Efficiency Management System. This standard emphasizes the importance of optimizing water usage, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable water management practices across various industries and organizations. It serves as a comprehensive guide for implementing effective strategies to minimize water-related risks and enhance operational efficiency, while also fostering a commitment to environmental stewardship.


Step 1

Complete a Quote Request Form so that we can understand your company and requirements. You can do this by completing either the online quick quote or the online formal quote request form. We will use this information to accurately define your scope of assessment and provide you with a proposal for certification.


Step 2

Once you’ve agreed your proposal, we will contact you to book your assessment with an WECERT Assessor. This assessment consists of two mandatory visits that form the Initial Certification Audit. Please note that you must be able to demonstrate that your management system has been fully operational for a minimum of three months and has been subject to a management review and full cycle of internal audits.


Step 3

Following a successful two stage audit, a certification decision is made and if positive, then certification to the required standard is issued by WECERT. You will receive both a hard and soft copy of the certificate. Certification is valid for three years and is maintained through a programme of annual surveillance audits and a three yearly recertification audit.