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ISO 39001

Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems Certification

Road accidents belong to the most common causes of injury and death. A road traffic safety management system (RTSMS) in accordance with ISO 39001:2012 can enable organizations interacting with the road traffic system to improve safety and reduce overall incidents as well as the risk of serious injury or death due to road traffic accidents. Certification of your RTSMS ensures that your system is working effectively and is compliant with its policy and objectives.

build resilience and make sure you are equipped to continue operating

Whether you transport goods or generate road traffic at construction sites, if you want to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to reduce road deaths and serious injuries, ISO 39001 certification can help.

ISO 39001 specifies the requirements for a road traffic safety (RTS) management system, enabling any organization that interacts with the road traffic system to help reduce death and serious injuries related to road traffic crashes. By establishing a safety culture in your organization based on a certified management system, you can reduce your risks and improve your performance.

ISO 39001 focuses on the context of the organization and encourages risk-based thinking. By engaging with the organization’s leadership and integrating RTS into the business strategy, you can create a safety culture in your organization. This helps enhance your reputation and builds trust with stakeholders, ultimately boosting your business.

Benefits of becoming certified

Our road traffic safety management system certification scheme is based on ISO 39001 and can offer you:

  • An improvement of operating processes and the establishment of efficient operating principles.
  • The establishment and maintenance of an effective system to ensure compliance with its policy and objectives within the organization.
  • The ability to demonstrate organizational safety and social responsibility to both stakeholders and customers.
  • The opportunity to cut costs, thanks to the improved efficiency of your RTSMS.

Why is Road Traffic Safety Management important?

As road traffic accidents are one of the top leading of deaths or injuries for work-related accidents Road Traffic Safety Management is extremely important to address to improve for you, your organisation and relavant parties. HSE estimates that up to a third of all road traffic accidents involve work-related road incidents, injuries or deaths, preventing and reducing the risk of such accidents is a global priority.

Road Traffic Safety Management has become more of a priority the last few years that there has been a 30 percent increase in ISO 39001 certificates worldwide in 2017 according to the ISO Survey.

Reduce costs

Due to improved efficiency there is an opportunity to cut costs

Win more business

Procurement specifications often require certification as a condition to supply, so certification and verification opens doors

Improved stakeholder relationships

Be able to demonstrate and meet organisational safety and social responsibility

Legal Compliance

Understand how statutory and regulatory requirements impact your organization and its customers.

What is ISO 39001?

The ISO 39001 standard outlines the requirements for a Road Traffic Safety management system (RTS). This standard enables organisations that work with road traffic systems to reduce serious injuries and death caused by road traffic accidents. According to the World Health Organisation, injuries related to road traffic accidents are the eighth leading cause of death globally, with an estimated 1.3+ million traffic-related deaths every year.