• One of the first challenges that tourists encounter while planning a trip is deciding where to stay, and hotels are the most common option. ISO 22483:2020 provides a common and attainable reference for all hotels in terms of quality service provision, and was developed with the various types of hotels around the world in mind, as well as existing categorization systems, business models, sizes, and services offered, as well as current guest demands and global trends.

    ISO 22483 was created as a tool for providing a positive visitor experience, increasing direct and indirect guest loyalty, and assuring the necessary framework for providing the minimal level of service required by a seasoned international traveler.

  • The economic importance of product warranties/guarantees is to provide protection against unsatisfactory performance of products. They state that products meet a level of quality and performance that would be reasonable to expect, given their price and description. Traditionally, warranties and guarantees provide less than full insurance by manufacturers and/or suppliers against faulty products and this serves as risk-sharing between consumers, manufacturers and/or suppliers.