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    Discover the power of our Water Efficiency Management System (ISO 46001), optimize water usage, reduce waste, and embrace sustainability for a brighter, water-responsible future.

  • ISO/IEC 27701 is a crucial standard that addresses the growing concern surrounding the protection of privacy and the management of personal information in today's digital age. Released as an extension to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002, this standard focuses specifically on Privacy Information Management Systems (PIMS) and provides organizations with a comprehensive framework to manage and safeguard personal data.

  • ISO 20815:2021 is an essential standard that specifically addresses the reliability and maintainability aspects of equipment used in the petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas industries. This standard provides comprehensive guidelines and best practices for assessing, enhancing, and managing the reliability and maintainability of equipment throughout its entire lifecycle.

  • Implementing ISO 22301 helps companies mitigate property and revenue loss, reduce legal risks and maintain cash flow in the face of operational failures. Certification to the ISO 22301 standard helps you demonstrate the resilience of your business to unexpected delays.

  • One of the first challenges that tourists encounter while planning a trip is deciding where to stay, and hotels are the most common option. ISO 22483:2020 provides a common and attainable reference for all hotels in terms of quality service provision, and was developed with the various types of hotels around the world in mind, as well as existing categorization systems, business models, sizes, and services offered, as well as current guest demands and global trends.

    ISO 22483 was created as a tool for providing a positive visitor experience, increasing direct and indirect guest loyalty, and assuring the necessary framework for providing the minimal level of service required by a seasoned international traveler.

  • This Training course runs through the requirements of ISO 45001, providing the skills to develop occupational health and safety policies and objectives that support your business.

  • In this training course participants will learn how to conduct internal audits, develop checklists and gather objective evidence to evaluate findings and determine conformity and effectiveness against ISO 45001.

  • This five-day training course will continue your professional development by enabling you to conduct audits against ISO 45001 requirements and gives you an internationally recognizable Certificates.

  • Our two-day training course is for Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) internal auditors and those wanting to know and have deeper knowledge about the benefits and methods of implementing EMS.